It’s always fun to scout locations for possible photography and commercial shoots.  On May 13, 2013, I had the chance to explore Winters, California with Christa Petrillo, owner of Christa Petrillo Total Horsemanship Training, as she showed me some beautiful ranches in the area.  We also hiked up and down the Putah Creek where we found a rattlesnake relaxing under some rocks (when I say we, I mean Christa, as I just walked right by it … if it had been a snake it would’ve … oh, wait a minute).  I learned a valuable lesson: when in snake country, always be on the lookout for the critters, and more importantly, bring someone along who’ll keep you from sitting on top of one — because those rocks looked mighty comfortable.

Rattlesnake Hiding Under Rocks
Rattler in Hiding