Expose Yourself To The World

(with advertising, not a trench coat)

Have you ever wanted to advertise, but didn’t want the TV station or cable company to produce your ad because: a) you didn’t want to be stuck advertising on their channel; and b) you’ve seen the quality (or lack thereof) of locally produced ads? Perhaps you’ve entertained the idea of going to one of those big advertising agencies, but the prices were a little out of your league. Then Ligon Media is for you. We’ve put together a collaboration of Sacramento film and advertising professionals who have teamed up to produce big agency ads, but at a price that allows you to actually have some money leftover to purchase ad space.

David Ligon has been my go to person when I need something creative.
Joe Thompson

Proprietor, Crisp Catering

Broadcast Advertising

TV Commercials & PSAs

We’ve all seen those ads on TV. You know, the ones that make you laugh or cry or want to pick up the phone to order something. The commercials that when you’re looking for a place to eat make you think of a certain restaurant, or when you’re in a grocery store make you buy a certain product. Haven’t you ever wanted one of those ads for your business? TV commercials are a great way to market to a large audience at once — an audience that is made up of your potential customers.


Radio Commercials

Need a humorous or informative radio commercial? Our radio commercials stand out from the ones typically produced by the radio stations because we have many different professional actors to choose from. No more hearing the same voices over and over again on the radio station – never quite sure what product they’re selling, because two commercials earlier that same person was selling a different product. Plus, all our spots are written by Copywriter David Ligon who was called a “funny guy” in The Sacramento Bee and a “clever copywriter” in Sacramento Magazine.

Print Advertising

Print Ads

When your ad looks like every other ad in the publication, you will never get noticed. Never. Make your ad funny, or cool, or edgy, or eye-catching. Just don’t make it boring or similar to all the others. If you need a magazine ad, or newspaper ad or billboard, let us know. We’d love to create something for you that really stands out and helps to identify you.

Brochures / Rack Cards

Brochures and rack cards are important in any marketing plan where customers need more information in their hand right now. It’s often the first thing a customer sees about your product and the lasting impression you leave. So don’t leave it to chance. Have Ligon Media write and design a brochure that tells your product, company or organization’s story in an engaging manner.


You’ve got something all your customers need to buy, or your employees need to read. Is using free clip art really the best way to get noticed? Probably not. Ligon Media can help you create eye-popping signage both inside your business or outside that will be sure to get attention.

Preppers Compound Tradeshow Tabletop Sign Created by Ligon Media