“Game of Thrones” Fan … I Am

Sacramento Ad & PR Guru David Ligon

David Ligon, Creative Principal, Sacramento

November 23, 2016

I admit it. I love Game of Thrones. Not just the HBO series, but the novels too. I’ve seen every show multiple times and read all the books (although I’ve only read them once … they are really long).  I’m not a fantasy junkie, I’ve hardly read any other fantasy genre books or watched those types of TV shows. But there’s something about George R.R. Martin’s world that I find pleasing. The majesty, the intrigue, the drama, the humor, and the world he created out of nothing but a little medieval lore and history. He didn’t just create a phenomenon, he created a way of life for millions of people. Like J.K. Rowling, he has me dreaming that maybe someday I can create something that will inspire novelties and merchandise and board games. Give me a Game of Thrones gift, and I’m a happy man. (unless it’s something for Daenarys … she’s not my size).

I’ve spent my life creating stuff. From advertising to news to videos to photos to films.  And then there was the art classes I took in high school. They were easy A’s, because the teacher gave a lot of extra credit. (I couldn’t draw or paint worth a lick, but I could draw and paint a lot).

“…maybe someday I can create something that will inspire novelties and merchandise and board games. ”

But obviously I haven’t come up with the action figure idea … or even the t-shirt one. (wait, do shirts I create for my clients count?) But I’m much younger than George R.R. Martin, so there’s still hope. And unlike Jon Snow, I know something. And it’s that if you work hard, and apply your skills to your dreams, you can do anything. Oh, and it helps to have a solid marketing techniques and ideas.  Game of Thrones isn’t just a great fantasy world, it’s a terrific example of marketing.

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