My summer vacation is over.  I didn’t go to the beach, or the mountains.  Didn’t see the family.  No movies, plays or concerts. Nope.  I sat at my desk, in my well-worn chair in beautiful Sacramento, and built a new website for Ligon Media.  That’s what happens when you own the company.  You work.

Our site has been completely redesigned, using some of the latest enhancements.  This may mean that older computers can’t view it, and that’s a shame, but as technology moves forward you have to make a decision of where you want to be.  Building something that is dated so everyone can view, or use some of the latest technology and design techniques, but in doing so running the risk of limiting your audience. It’s always a dilemma we deal with with our clients.  What to advise?

Here’s the catch, every situation is different.  A few years back I had a client who couldn’t view the DVDs we burned.  Can’t we burn them differently?  Well, no. Their DVD player was old, so the answer was to buy a newer DVD player.  Old stuff doesn’t always work with new technology.  But on the other hand, you need to understand where your target audience is in the marketplace.  If the vast majority of your customers are seniors, then Twitter, Facebook and text messaging campaigns are probably not the ideal way to reach your customers. Traditional communications are.

So when I decided (I’m the owner, I get to make decisions) to design the new website for Ligon Media, I looked around at what I liked, what I wanted, and ultimately, what I want our clients to see.  I didn’t do Flash (done it before), because it limits my audience; I wanted a website that was responsive (meaning it will resize itself for smart phones and tablets); and most importantly, a website that our potential and current clients would be comfortable using that would give a real good sense of who we are. Oh, and I wanted it to look pretty.


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