MLK Celebration Dinner Ad

Sacramento Ad & PR Guru David Ligon

David Ligon, Creative Principal, Sacramento

January 15, 2012

For the past 3 years, we have created PSAs for the MLK Celebration Dinner.  This year, we also created a video to pay tribute to the celebration’s founders Dorothy and Jerry Enomoto.

We wanted to create an ad that stood out, but also paid tribute to Dr. King.  And we also wanted to expand on last year’s ad, which was a quarter page ad with simply the word “dream” in the center. We utilized white space and showed you don’t need a bunch of fancy graphics to get your point across. Sometimes less is more. This year’s ad, we wanted to do something different, but still play on the word dream.  So we decided to create an ad utilizing the word “dream” again, but this time turn it into an image. Here is the result.

Ligon Media’s 2012 MLK Dinner Ad.

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