Advertising Plays Fun Role in David Ligon Films
Sacramento Ad & PR Guru David Ligon
David Ligon, Creative Principal, Sacramento
September 16, 2014
Since my last article dealt with clichéd local ads, I thought it might be fun to post some of the silly ads that I have done in my short films.
While writing the last post, I realized that advertising is a consistent theme in my movies. (hint: mouseover name of film for a brief synopsis). Either I create commercials inside the movie (“as advertised”; “Inside Scoop”; “Terror Detectives”), or a phony brochure (“Meow!”); or discuss advertising (“Portrait of a Red Light Woman”; “Ménage à Ted”); or simply used actual creative work as a backdrop for an office because the character presumably works in advertising (“Pilgrimage to Becca”). Since I create comedies, I try to make it humorous too.  I assembled this little montage of advertising in my films. Although out of context, they’re still kind of fun and I think safe for work – ish. (although if you are easily offended, I would recommend not watching).  Unfortunately, most of these are pre-high definition.

In order of clips – “as advertised(actor: David Ligon; vocals: Dan Wallace), “Terror Detectives(actors: Sean Morneau, Cameron Johnson; vocals: Dan Wallace), “Inside Scoop(actors: Rae Wright, Vincent Dee Miles; vocals: Dan Wallace), “Meow!(actor: Galen Howard; voiceover: Mark Hoffman), “Portrait of a Red Light Woman(actor: Sean Morneau), “Pilgrimage to Becca(actors: Kelly Symone, Galen Howard), “Ménage à Ted(actors: Cameron Johnson, Sean Morneau, Vincent Dee Miles, Justin Blenkle, Rae Wright (on computer screen)) and “as advertised(actor: David Ligon; vocals: Dan Wallace).

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