Video Production

No matter what type of video you need, our professional video team can get the job done. On budget. On time. Whether you need a corporate training video, a tv commercial, a web video, an informational video about your organization, a music video, a demonstration video, or anything else that can be filmed — there is virtually no limit to what we can do for you. We’ll bring all the equipment needed for the job starting with a high definition 1080p camera, or the much sought after RED camera (which looks almost identical to film and shoots in 4K (well, 5K actually) — it’s awesome). Depending on the project, you get:

  • full crew
  • we write your script or edit an existing script
  • shot in high-definition (720p, 1080p or 4K)
  • professional narration
  • we bring the camera,  lights, microphones, dolly, track, generators, reflectors, jib-arm or whatever is needed to get the job done. Editing of complete video, including color correction, graphics and sound

David Ligon produced an outstanding tribute video for the Lifetime Achievement honoree at ULI Sacramento’s inaugural Vision Honors awards dinner.  First impressions are critical and the video production added a touch of class to this first-time event.  His easy going personality and flexibility with our shoot made the project so easy.  I highly recommend Ligon Media’s video production services!

Mary K. Sater

Event Planner / Meeting Coordinator

Video Reel

Ligon Media Reel

Ligon Media has shot all types of videos, from corporate interviews to cooking demonstrations to events to public service announcements, so we’ve edited together a sampling of our work. (although to be quite honest, it hasn’t been updated in a couple of years … we’ve been too busy making new stuff for our clients). Our reel highlights work from commercials, videos and films.  Enjoy!

Types of Production

TV Commercials & PSAs

We’ve all seen those ads on TV. You know, the ones that make you laugh or cry or want to pick up the phone to order something. The commercials that when you’re looking for a place to eat make you think of a certain restaurant, or when you’re in a grocery store make you buy a certain product. Haven’t you ever wanted one of those ads for your business? TV commercials are a great way to market to a large audience at once — an audience that is made up of your potential customers.

Corporate / Industrial / Nonprofit Videos

Your organization has a story to tell. If you’re a business who wants to create a training video for your employees; or an environmental group who wants to discuss the importance of your cause; or a nonprofit agency who wants to reach potential donors. A custom video is the perfect way to tell that story. Whether you’re looking for a 3 to 7 minute introduction to open a meeting; or a 15 minute production for training purposes; or an hour long mini-movie to document your industry.

Web Videos & Commercials

Add some animation to your website with a custom web video production (or a web commercial, if you prefer). It’s a terrific way to showcase your products and services. Studies show that people watch videos online. Why not take advantage of people’s web viewing habits and grab their attention with an eye-pleasing, professionally made video? Think of a web video like a TV commercial, except done on a much smaller scale.

Demonstration Videos

Whether you have mean skills in the kitchen, or you want to exhibit how to use your product, a demonstration video is a great way to show off. We’ll bring the camera, lights and microphone, and can even help you with the script and concept. Are you a little shy in front of the camera? No problem, we can even bring in a “substitute you” by hiring a professional spokesperson.

Music Videos

Want to show off your musical stylings with a video. Just let us know. We have all the equipment and editing skills to make your video sing. No matter how extravagant or simple, we can get it done. Are you a solo artist who simply wants something pleasing of you playing your guitar or a large band that wants to show off your high energy show? No matter what your inclinations we’d be happy to help. And we’ll even bring in all the lights and crew you need to get the music video you want.


Working with tons of talented Sacramento actors and crew, we’ve made a number of short films.  Most of them have made it to the big screen at local film festivals.  The films written and produced by David Ligon are all comedies, but we can create any documentary or other film style project you may have in mind.

Thank you … How very pleased I am. You are amazing and the music is just a perfect touch. You are most wonderfully talented to take “my struggle to say it all” and create my heart’s words here.

Kari Damron

Serenity House