One of the areas on YouTube that seem to be most overlooked is the use of keywords, also called tags. Millions of people visit YouTube, and with so many people visiting it stands to reason there are millions of videos to choose from.  So how do you make sure yours is seen?  One of the ways is through the use of keywords.

Keywords are the terms used to describe your video, or more specifically, what your video is about.  So what kinds of keywords should your choose? Find keywords that embody what your video entails.  If you have a cooking demonstration of how to hard boil an egg, terms such as “hard boiling eggs,” “egg demonstration,” and “egg timer settings” would be appropriate.  But if you are a Sacramento restaurant, also use terms that describe your restaurant such as “cooking eggs in Sacramento” and “Sacramento egg restaurant.” Do not use keywords that have nothing to do with your video though, such as “Angelina Jolie Showering.”  Sure it will increase the amount people who visit your video, but they won’t watch it.  Remember the more popular the keywords chosen, the more competition your video will have for viewers.