Break out the Clearasil, Ligon Media just turned 13. Sure, we’ve changed our name a few times (“creative d ADVERTISING” and “David Ligon Advertising & Public Relations”), but we’ve remained essentially the same agency dedicated to providing the kinds of creative our clients need to get their message out.  Our services run the gamut from public relations to advertising, utilizing every means at our disposal.

We’ve had a lot of success and raised a few eyebrows along the way. Never afraid to be creative, we compared a pastry chef to a governor-elect; made brides blush; boogied to beat breast cancer; booked tv interviews and chef cooking segments (hundreds of times); bragged about our dads to promote giving to charity; partied in foam; prepared people for storms; shot photographs of pretty people; proved it didn’t matter if you were an entertainment / restaurant complex in downtown Sacramento or a hotel restaurant in Rancho Cordovagood is good; supported high school athletics and Little League and the arts; promoted the Sacramento region for business and industry; and so much more. We covered a lot of ground in our first 13 years and we did it all while providing value to our clients … proving you don’t need to spend exorbitant amounts to identify yourself. You just need to hire the right people.